Hawaii Legacy Series Documentary

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The Hawai’i Legacy Series depicts the personal struggles and achievements of prominent figures in Hawaiian history. The first documentary, Hawai’i Legacy Series: ʻŌpūkahaʻia was released in 2020. And the second film, on Chiefess Kapi’olani was released 4.4.21.

“Two centuries later, we remember her courage… and the perfect Aloha that casts out all fear.”

– Kapi'olani Film

“She just changed so completely and the common people now loved her. She was crawling into the huts of the common people and taking care of them when they were sick and bringing them food. And so they really loved her.”

– Daniel (Kapi'olani Film)

“They were charged: “ you will never forget Opukaha’ia you will never forget his fervent love his many prayers and tears for you and for his and your nation.”

– ABCFM (Opukaha'ia Film)

“Henry Opukaha’ia lost his entire family, so there’s that sting and then there is the side that you see the redemptive.”

– Kumu Leina’ala Fruen (Opukaha'ia Film)